About RAWR

One of these days I will try to provide some illumination on why I RAWR! But until that day comes, I will allow you to speculate and probably occasionally insert the odd clue in my posts. Its not that I’m being intentionally vague, its just that I am still working on articulating it effectively. Until I achieve maximum articulation though, it will remain, at least to some extent, a mystery…However, I have finally found at least an adequate definition of the word, without further ado, here it is:


RAWR– A primitive sound used to represent a personal feeling. Due to the generic and modular nature of the word, the actual implied meaning varies from person to person.


Who Am I?

Of course the question “who am I?” plagues us all, and not just in the way it plagued Jackie Chan in his cheesy movie of that title. But, in an effort to introduce myself, here is a little [mostly- I did my best at least] factual information about me:

By day I try to work for a finance company. Really I am one of those people that never outgrew their horse crazy stage. I have two horses of my own, a 26 year old Morgan gelding who is my semi-retired jumper horse, and an 11 year old off the track Appendix Quarter Horse who I have been riding since January 2009. In November of 2008 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis; the 2 years prior to that were incredibly difficult as I got to a point where I could physically do very little, to the point where I really couldn’t even ride Vanya at a trot.
I started back to riding more seriously on Strider, my QH, in January, at the time leasing him. We learned together as he had been turned out to pasture basically for the previous 2 years. We progressed together quite a lot and started the season showing jumpers on the local circuit and doing moderately well. He was given to me in June 2009 and I continue to love him and train him. We have started working on Dressage as well, and we showed Training level in 2010; earning local honors in the Open division.

My Morgan, Vanya, is semi-retired. He also had his dressage debut in August 2009, scoring a 63% in Training level test 1 with my sister riding him. He loves to teach and despite his stubborn moments has a good heart under his masses of hair.

I groom for a local dressage trainer and take on braiding work whenever I get the chance to help support my training and lessons and am trying to be the best rider I can.

In my free time (Ha!) I like to spend time with my husband, Matt, our dog, Grace, and our cat, Kiwi. When my joints and energy level permit, I love to run and try to be a competitive 5k runner. I also ran my first 10k in 2009.  I also enjoy knitting, baking, writing, playing the violin, dancing, reading,  and finding things for my horse that are purple. I drink a lot of coffee.


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