Killing a Monster

As promised I will give a report on how the show went. My title and to some extent my post is purely giving in to my overdramatic flair. I couldn’t resist. 

Overall the show went better than I would have hoped. I have struggled with show nerves as long as I can remember. I won’t go into the reasons behind it, but know that nerves have been a monster for me and usually I lose a class before I even go into the warm-up. I can’t point to any magic that made this time different. In a way I wish I could. Maybe I was tired of beating myself, maybe it was my trainer’s words reminding me that I needed to be there for my horse, maybe it was just making another try. I love showing, but I can’t point to a show, until now, where I came out of the arena with a sense of accomplishment. I didn’t have epic scores, though they were some of the highest scores of the day. I didn’t even do anything new. I rode the same two tests I rode last year. But the best way I can explain it is that I went into the arena, in front of the judge, random spectators, and some family and friends, and I actually thought and rode. I made corrections when I saw fit and allowed other mistakes to stand after thinking it through and deciding that letting them be was better than trying to correct them. It felt inexplicably good. It is amazing how when we stop placing too much emphasis and importance on a moment we not only become more successful but also enjoy the moment more.

 It makes me excited for the next show. I know I can go in the arena and be successful now and it makes me want to do it again. I am glad we have a bit of a break though- I can work on improving some areas so hopefully we can really commit to First Level soon. Regardless of whether I have really and truly killed my monster, I know I can take it on now. How was your weekend? What personal victories have you made or are you working towards now?



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  1. Congratulations! Today I was working on conquering the ignorant human being syndrome when it comes to not neutering their animals. My son, a contractor of sorts, found three kittens left near a foreclosed home. Needless to say he took them (no mamma to be found all day he was at this location) and is now headed to our home with them. I spent the past two days calling to kingdom come to find a no kill facility. Finally, thank heavens, I found one. About an hour from our home. So tomorrow he will have to drive them to this place. But I am glad they will at least not be put down. That has been my challenge for this week 🙂 I am so happy for you!

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