Never Mind Women’s Day….

I admit it- I like obscure holidays. They need to exist; I don’t just make them up, but I finally found THE holiday for me. It is today in fact. So, what holiday is on March 8th you ask? Well, of course it is Unique Names day. I promise, if you know me in real life, you know my name is unique. Though I was named after a relative, I was unfortunately named after a Polish relative, and the spelling of her name was changed from Cyrillic to English and then Americanized. From there I got my Aunt’s first name as my middle name- and her name happens to be- oh yes, French or Hebrew. I then got married and dropped my original last name altogether and took on the completely simple and of Welsh or English origins. So trust me- my name, in all its Polish, French/Hebrew, Welsh glory, is unique. So….I am expecting presents from my friends and family. I am sure they will not disappoint.

 If they do though, I will be all set, because march 9th is “Get over it” day. I love this concept. I know there are plenty of things about which my friends are sick of hearing me whine, and I also know that I can think of a few times in the last week that instead of being my normal polite self I would have loved to have told the person I was talking with to, “get over it.” March 9 also happens to be Panic day so if I’m not successful in getting over my problems I can always just panic. I like that solution.

 I can then enjoy the National Day of Awesomeness on March 10th. And who wouldn’t? It’s awesome- a whole day to find the awesome things people do and appreciate them!

 I hope you enjoy the next few holidays. Until next time- RAWR!!!!


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