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I admit it…

I was sick a fair amount recently and this meant I got to watch some TV I otherwise wouldn’t be able to watch. Because I am fashion challenged and I know it, I watched, “What Not to Wear.” I nearly choked on my grapefruit juice though when Stacey showed one of the people getting made over on the show a dress and heels and explained that it should be a model for her shopping for “casual wear” since it would be great for wearing around for every day type events and errands. Taking a few deep breaths to calm myself I realized apparently life as a horse mom is really different than the life of other people. (I know….gasp! I really knew that but this moment brought the point home. Keep reading, stop laughing at me, I promise I’m going somewhere with this.)

Though I know I have the fashion sense of a toddler after six cups of coffee, I also know that much of my lack of fashion sense is because my horses are a majority of my life. In an average day, I get up, go to work, ride my horse and do things around the barn to keep him happy and healthy and fed, and then go home, rinse, and repeat. Sometimes I take care of another person’s horse so the day starts with horse chores and there are extra evening chores as well, but basically, it is a rare day I am not at a barn at some point. I wear clothes to work that at least in a pinch I could go catch a horse in if I had to since I can’t say that eventuality has never occurred. I can’t imagine showing up at the barn in a dress and heels- especially since I can’t walk in heels unless paddock boots count.

I do have some fashion sense though- I know how to wear white breeches without embarrassing myself (no vpl, stains etc.) , I know how to do my hair under my Charles Owen helmet for a hunter class, dressage test, or jumper class. I know, though legal, it is a fashion faux pas to wear field boots for dressage and is just as much of a faux pas to wear a stock tie (though not a stock collar) in an average hunter class. It’s all a matter of culture.

Hopefully I can remain a hopeless fashion failure in the non-horse world without repercussions. It takes work to keep up on the latest horse fashions after all and there are only so many hours in a day. I’m open to suggestions though- if anyone thinks they can fix my human fashion stupidity they are welcome to try- just know that my budget goes to clothes for my horse first. That is probably most of my problem right there. Oh well. Thankfully I am not horribly bothered and my husband seems to find t-shirts, breeches, and brightly colored knee high argyle socks with paddock boots entertaining rather than embarrassing. But all of this is to say, it is high time I admit: I am completely incapable of being fashionable outside of the horse world. I admit I have a problem, but I am not sure I have the strength and desire to change. So anyway- RAWR!!!!!




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Core Workout 101

I feel like I was punched in the stomach. I know….great way to start a blog, a week, anything right? But here is the worst part: I wasn’t punched in the stomach and I did it to myself.

So here is how it happened:

I haven’t been very good about getting to the gym since my RA treatments have been less than wonderfully successful lately. Of course I have been my usual type A perfectionist self though working as hard as I can possibly make myself to do the homework my trainer gives me with my horse and keep up with four or five rides a week at least. I really hope I can work out my budget to do some shows this season and shows or no shows I want to be the best I can be. I am just ridiculous about riding in that respect. I still can’t quite figure out why, but I want to do it the best I can. I can’t imagine a world in which I do not ride. And I want to be amazing at it and I am not there yet. So I work at it as hard as I can.

Recently my horse has been doing really well in training. Don’t get me wrong, we may still be in Training Level for all eternity, but I am ok with that, and if we are in Training level eternally we will look amazing and be happy doing it! But, this has led to my working more on my riding as we get better. I learn new techniques and refinements and practice those as we work on things with my horse. In my most recent lesson, my trainer indicated that my sitting trot was much improved so I should do it more.

So we did. And holy buckets was it hard. My horse, though I love him dearly, doesn’t have the easiest trot to ride even though it is a far sight better than it used to be. He has an extremely short back so even when he is supple, his trot can feel like riding a pogo stick on a trampoline. My core muscles were screaming at me and I was breathing as hard as I do when I run after about ten minutes. I felt like an idiot. I practice sitting trot so why was doing it for ten minutes straight so hard?

As a result, my homework this week was to do sitting trot, especially on ten meter circles interspersed at nice intervals, for longer periods, take a short break and then do it again. Of course I still need to work on getting half halts, getting canter lengthening and then transitions back, shortening/collecting the canter strides, getting him more round, and a variety of other elements we have been working on as well.

I did my homework a couple times now. My abs and core muscles hate me. I can’t believe how out of shape I am. It certainly makes me fill a little silly since I had thought I was working pretty hard and keeping up with where I needed to be. So…I will keep working at it. I will get past this and actually be able to sit the trot with decency one of these days! RAWR!!!!!!

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Never Mind Women’s Day….

I admit it- I like obscure holidays. They need to exist; I don’t just make them up, but I finally found THE holiday for me. It is today in fact. So, what holiday is on March 8th you ask? Well, of course it is Unique Names day. I promise, if you know me in real life, you know my name is unique. Though I was named after a relative, I was unfortunately named after a Polish relative, and the spelling of her name was changed from Cyrillic to English and then Americanized. From there I got my Aunt’s first name as my middle name- and her name happens to be- oh yes, French or Hebrew. I then got married and dropped my original last name altogether and took on the completely simple and of Welsh or English origins. So trust me- my name, in all its Polish, French/Hebrew, Welsh glory, is unique. So….I am expecting presents from my friends and family. I am sure they will not disappoint.

 If they do though, I will be all set, because march 9th is “Get over it” day. I love this concept. I know there are plenty of things about which my friends are sick of hearing me whine, and I also know that I can think of a few times in the last week that instead of being my normal polite self I would have loved to have told the person I was talking with to, “get over it.” March 9 also happens to be Panic day so if I’m not successful in getting over my problems I can always just panic. I like that solution.

 I can then enjoy the National Day of Awesomeness on March 10th. And who wouldn’t? It’s awesome- a whole day to find the awesome things people do and appreciate them!

 I hope you enjoy the next few holidays. Until next time- RAWR!!!!

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I just read a brief news story about Tonya Harding, of knee whacking fame. Apparently she is pregnant. Am I the only one that is a bit worried about how she might respond to becoming a parent? I have visions of possible future headlines, such as The Soccer Mom From Hell (somehow the entire opposing team had “accidents” making them unable to play). One hopes that all goes well, but history shows that such optimism is likely to lead to disappointment. It occurs to me that this paragraph may annoy Tonya and could lead to old urges returning to her. Sorry, Tonya, I’m already in a wheelchair.

Imagine my surprise a few days later when I came across another article about Mark Kerrigan, brother of Nancy Kerrigan. It seems that the police believe that Mark may be guilty of manslaughter. Mark and Nancy’s father, Daniel, died. That, at least, both police and Kerrigans agree on. The Kerrigan family says the death was due to a longstanding heart condition. Mark’s lawyer also says that police improperly interrogated Mark. My condolences go out to the Kerrigan family on the death of Daniel. However, I am beginning to wonder if this is something like The Revenge of Has-Been Figure Skaters. Okay, Nancy wasn’t at fault for the Kerrigans being in the news, but it wouldn’t be anything but local news if it wasn’t for her. Now I’m going to sit back and wait for a stories related to Jeff Gillooly, Shawn Eckardt , Derrick Smith , and Shane Stant (I know, they’re not figure skaters, but they were involved in the whole Tonya v. Nancy thing back in the day).

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