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Welcome, Nobody! (And Other News)

All sorts of things have been going on lately as I am sure the astute reader could guess from my blogging absence. I have been desperately wanting to blog and simply have not been able to do so.

The best thing that has happened lately is that Matt got home from his training! The Air Force still owns him but at least they have decided he can be in the same state as I am. Grace, our dog, is probably even more thrilled than I am- she is such a Daddy’s girl that she is a bit of a basket case when Matt is gone.

Strider is coming along fabulously (I think). My trainer has been putting a few rides on him and I got a lesson on him as well and it has helped very much. He is starting to actually bend and give through his whole body and lift through his back; the difference this makes in his gaits, especially his trot, is amazing. His trot is feeling powerful and swingy and I can actually sit to it now without having to do all sorts of abdominal gymnastics to keep my body from looking like a grain bag on a perpetual motion machine. I love having him at my trainer’s barn as well. The facility is luxurious for me- the indoor arena has a sound system, bright lights, nice solid walls, good footing, and enough insulation that it really does stay warmer than outside and some of the wind/random precipitation noise is reduced. It is nice to ride in rain/sleet/snow/hail and still be able to hear myself think and feel my fingers and toes; what a concept! Strider also has gained weight and muscle so he looks great. Unfortunately this means that his new sheet and new medium weight blanket fit him less well than they did; his rear end has started to stick out the back a little. Thankfully I had not gotten him a new heavy blanket yet! I was lucky enough to get a couple used heavy blankets in his new size and a sheet in his new size so I am making do with what I have. I admit I never expected for him to get that much bigger at nearly 11 years old. I still need to do his trace clip, but unfortunately lack clippers, so I am working on trying to find some I can borrow or decide if now really is the time to buy some since this is the second year in a row I have needed to go in search of clippers to borrow.

 I had a rough go with RA for a while. Some things were improved with a round of Prednisone and switching to injectable instead of oral Methotrexate. The injected MTX does make me feel less sick the day after, unfortunately though it cause some other yucky side effects I could have lived without. After doubling folic acid for a couple weeks they are almost slightly better (nice hedging right? I am trying to think positive ha-ha) and are now quite tolerable. Hooray. With Matt home I am even starting to feel out ways to work, ride, keep the house running, and get back to the gym consistently. So far I am doing ok with it and I hope to increase the workouts as I get more in the swing of the new schedule.

And last but not at all least: I will now have a second blogger joining me to make the blog more fun, interesting, and reliable! A full introduction will be made later, but she goes by the name of “Nobody.” Her perspective is, of course, unique (whose isn’t really?) and quirky and I think she will add a lot to the blog. I am very excited for Nobody to be joining the blog and will be posting an item of hers shortly (her posts will probably come from me at least for the moment but I will indicate from whence they came…) for your enjoyment.

So, all kinds of happy and exciting things happening- makes it easy to be in a thankful mood for the upcoming holiday (too cheesy? Sorry…have some wine with it.). Until next time…..RAWR!!!


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