Settling In

It certainly was a busy weekend. I feel like I could sleep for an entire day, but I have to work for the next few days so that isn’t really an option.

 We got Vanya settled in at his new home. He seems very happy there and didn’t have any problems with the transition. I didn’t expect any issues with him since he has moved a lot in his lifetime, including a few thousand plus mile moves, but given his advancing age I always worry a little about him if something could be stressful. He is quite content though and the owners at the new barn really like him- they even think he is pretty handsome, which is a rare thing for my roman-nosed wonder horse!

 Strider is settling in to his new home more slowly, which doesn’t really surprise me. He is doing well though, eating ok and doesn’t seem too stressed. I admit I was worried about him as aside from his move from the breeders to various tracks and then from the breeders to my old barn he hadn’t moved much. Basically he hadn’t moved for the last four years at least. But, he is doing great, and I think he will be very happy and well taken care of at the new barn. I know I am really loving riding him out there, despite the added commute. It is quiet but I still get to see people. I have yet to actually share the arena with anyone even!

 Sunday I went out and took some pictures for my trainer of a horse she is putting up for sale. I love taking pictures but this session made me wish I had a faster camera. I still got some decent shots though.

 Yesterday I took Matt to the airport. That was miserable I will admit. The first few days he is gone are the worst I have learned. This time is going better than last though, not only do I know it is shorter (5 weeks as opposed to a few months) but also I already had a pretty good routine established last time for taking care of the house and pets and myself and I am falling back into that routine pretty easily. But yesterday felt like it lasted an eternity. It didn’t help I had to get up at 3:45 to get Matt to the airport, but overall the day could have been a lot worse. Now I just have the challenge of balancing life and work and such without him for five weeks.

 But, I am being ambitious. I put my gym bag with running clothes in it in my car and parked my car at work so I can get out quickly at lunch and get to the gym. My body is telling me that ambition is absolute unmitigated insanity as my hands and feet are both swollen and rather painful today, but I need to get back to running it. I won’t let a little thing like pain stop me….I hope….I’ll let you know how that turns out.

 That’s all for now. And since I need this today….RAWR!!!!!!!


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