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Blame….some of my co-workers were talking about perceived medical malpractice this morning (I say perceived because I think it is probably arguable whether the situation in question would have been malpractice but I am not a lawyer…just skeptical of following crowds I guess.) and it started me thinking- a dangerous occupation I know. It made me wonder why we so often want to look for someone or something to blame for bad things. My co-workers were suggesting that when anesthesia fails that the anesthesiologist should always be sued. I questioned this since I doubt we even fully understand how some chemicals operate, why should we blame the anesthesiologist for a failing that was possibly chemical? It seems like they were wanting to shoot the messenger. How often do we place blame without really thinking about the situation? And what about forgiveness? What role does forgiveness play in situations of negligence? What about situations of misconduct?

 What blame do we place in RA? I don’t think I have any answers to that question right now, but it is an interesting question. If we choose to place blame, where are we putting it? At the very least maybe we should be more aware of when we are placing blame. Just a random thought.

 In other news I actually did make it to the gym yesterday. And just like the first cut being the deepest, the first mile is the most painful; after that I start to remember how to run. I only did a  very short run due to time constraints and having a few remaining shreds of sanity, but I am at least glad I made myself get out and run again. Eventually I will be better off because of it- maybe not this morning, but eventually.

 I also went and rode Strider last night. We just had a relaxing evening playing around in the outdoor. I wasn’t feeling ambitious enough to jump since it was his first time in that outdoor arena since he showed at this barn once earlier this year, but we just took it easy and rode around with no real goal in mind. It was super relaxing and resulted in some of the best work we have done in ages of course. He really was fantastic, considering it was dusk and his second time in that arena. He was a little looky at first, but settled in very quickly and seemed to enjoy being outside for a change. I did something drastic last night though- I shortened my stirrups. I will see what my trainer says when she sees them, but I have been driven nuts by me recent tendency, only in my dressage saddle, to pull my heels up. So, on a hunch, I shortened my stirrups and instantly the problem was mostly corrected. I felt way better. I guess I am still a jumper rider at heart wanting my nice short stirrups. I am totally loving the new barn. Maybe it’s a honeymoon phase, but I love that my horse is looked after so carefully, the barn owner even let me know when she accidentally made a mistake in my horses feed and later realized it and told me what she had done to correct it. Boarding with my trainer is fantastic because I can involve her in more decisions and that makes me feel better about so many things. I want what is best for my horse so having a more educated person helping me means a lot. It was wonderful to be able to get her opinion on his weight and what dietary changes we may consider making once he is more settled. (And it was vindicating for her to tell me he isn’t fat- one or two people had told me he looks fat and I have never thought he was. He is supposed to be large!). I have been around horses my whole life but never had a horse as challenging to keep as Strider and really have quite a lot to learn. Having someone to help me through that process is a relief.

 Tonight is a night off for Strider though. Vanya is getting his shots and it will be a knitting and psych night. Maybe I will even bake something. We’ll see. First, I need to get to the gym over lunch again…

 Hope you enjoyed the random ramblings today. Well, until next time….RAWR!!!


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Settling In

It certainly was a busy weekend. I feel like I could sleep for an entire day, but I have to work for the next few days so that isn’t really an option.

 We got Vanya settled in at his new home. He seems very happy there and didn’t have any problems with the transition. I didn’t expect any issues with him since he has moved a lot in his lifetime, including a few thousand plus mile moves, but given his advancing age I always worry a little about him if something could be stressful. He is quite content though and the owners at the new barn really like him- they even think he is pretty handsome, which is a rare thing for my roman-nosed wonder horse!

 Strider is settling in to his new home more slowly, which doesn’t really surprise me. He is doing well though, eating ok and doesn’t seem too stressed. I admit I was worried about him as aside from his move from the breeders to various tracks and then from the breeders to my old barn he hadn’t moved much. Basically he hadn’t moved for the last four years at least. But, he is doing great, and I think he will be very happy and well taken care of at the new barn. I know I am really loving riding him out there, despite the added commute. It is quiet but I still get to see people. I have yet to actually share the arena with anyone even!

 Sunday I went out and took some pictures for my trainer of a horse she is putting up for sale. I love taking pictures but this session made me wish I had a faster camera. I still got some decent shots though.

 Yesterday I took Matt to the airport. That was miserable I will admit. The first few days he is gone are the worst I have learned. This time is going better than last though, not only do I know it is shorter (5 weeks as opposed to a few months) but also I already had a pretty good routine established last time for taking care of the house and pets and myself and I am falling back into that routine pretty easily. But yesterday felt like it lasted an eternity. It didn’t help I had to get up at 3:45 to get Matt to the airport, but overall the day could have been a lot worse. Now I just have the challenge of balancing life and work and such without him for five weeks.

 But, I am being ambitious. I put my gym bag with running clothes in it in my car and parked my car at work so I can get out quickly at lunch and get to the gym. My body is telling me that ambition is absolute unmitigated insanity as my hands and feet are both swollen and rather painful today, but I need to get back to running it. I won’t let a little thing like pain stop me….I hope….I’ll let you know how that turns out.

 That’s all for now. And since I need this today….RAWR!!!!!!!

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Changes and Moves

I have to say, right now is a really weird time. Some things going on I would really prefer weren’t happening. Other things I am so excited about I could burst. It is just weird.

 First: the not so fun. Matt is leaving again. He has to finish up the last of his training so he will be doing Air Force-y things for the next 5 weeks. I keep telling myself at least it is only 5 weeks. Ask me Monday after his flight leaves how that is working out for me. Our house still hasn’t sold yet either, meaning that when he returns from his training he faces a somewhat ridiculous commute to the Air Force base he will be stationed at. In fact, our contract with the realtor expired. We attempted to get a new one before Matt left, not one of the realtors we called has called us back. It is one of those things that just makes me say, “Really!?” in a particularly incredulous tone. My coworkers hear it all the time.

 Since I don’t want to be sad all day, let’s move on to happier things. Note: these happenings are not without their fair share of drama. I felt like I was trying to manage an entire herd of drama llamas this week.

 I am moving my horses to new barns. Note the plural. Vanya, the geezer, is going to a beautiful place in the trees, with small arenas, but excellent care. In fact, I think they have the most beautiful hay I have seen since I came to Colorado (I used to live in Vermont- they know how to make good hay; Colorado….not so much). When I saw it for the first time I hadn’t had dinner yet and was about ready to try it myself- it was that good. It is clean, quiet, and it just felt like the right place for him. They offer the services he needs at a price I can afford. Score one for the good guys.

 Strider is going to my trainer’s barn. It will be a bit of a commute for me, but I am super excited to get more lessons from her and to have Strider get some training rides. I really want to get both Strider and I going really solidly at First level and right now I think Strider is ahead of me. I suppose that is good but it is easier when I am ahead of him I think. I also work really well with this trainer as she really seems to understand me and is able to help me not turn into a wad of type A, perfectionist tension ten minutes into my ride. I am really looking forward to riding and training in preparation for next show season. So, another very exciting, happy event.

 Strider is getting yet another type of shoeing. My farrier noticed the angles in his hind feet aren’t looking right and he wants to get them corrected before they cause problems. I love my farrier. He does a great job of preventing issues and addressing the ones we already had. Strider is getting some pretty fancy shoes though. One of these days I should post a picture.

I am still trucking along for the most part. Since Matt has been home I haven’t really been able to run, unfortunately, but other than that have been ok. I got sick before he came home, and it took me ages to recover enough energy to run. This week I have had the energy, but not the time. I did get a good swim in though. I also think I may have found a set of reins that will work for me and be legal for dressage competitions without a dispensation thanks to an amazing helpful person. I now proudly sport big, fat, round, rope reins on my dressage bridle. We look very Wenglish. I hope I can find some purple cotton rope soon to use for schooling; after all, I need more purple tack! Right now I just have black nylon but they have proven much easier to hold than anything else I have tried. Matt does have to make them as actual Western rope reins are not long enough, but they are not hard to make at all thankfully. The hardest part is sourcing the rope. Fat cotton rope is actually harder to find than I had expected but it is not impossible.

 So, life goes one. I have been knitting bunches, riding bunches, and enjoying having Matt home. Moving the horses marks the beginning of an exciting new time for us though in a variety of areas, and hopefully will be smoother sailing.

Until next time….RAWR!


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