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Once I again I am a bad blogger. I plead being swamped. With Matt being away at BMT (basic training for those not familiar with military acronyms) I have struggled a bit to keep on top of maintaining the house in showable condition as well as taking care of a friend’s horse for most of the time he has been gone. But….the news.

 Our last show could have gone better. But I learned that when Strider isn’t comfortable he manifests it not by acting like he is stiff or off but by being generally tense. Specifically he was fine on the warm up footing. He was awesome in fact. If the judge watched our warm up we would have done great. But the second Strider set foot in the show arena he got tense…really tense. Based on unbiased observers I know I wasn’t riding differently. He wasn’t spooking or anything either, but the footing was hard. Unfortunately, and I am kicking myself for this, it took me until after the show to figure out that probably the footing was bothering my poor horse. So I have my farrier coming out (who, by the way is a saint and a miracle worker) to examine him and probably put shoes back on him. I am also going to try him on smartsox and see if that helps. So, if nothing else, the show was a good learning experience and showed me that my horse isn’t as happy and comfortable as everyone had thought.

 I actually rode one of my tests from memory at the last show and that was a huge accomplishment for me! So I am going to celebrate that and just be glad that my horse seems none the worse for the wear even if he was uncomfortable that day. Still needs to be looked at and addressed, but seems fine at the moment.

 On a side note, I discovered a Murphy’s law of equestrian sports- if your husband does your leather repairs and he leaves for a while, if all your leather as fine before he left, just give it a month! My half chaps, a bridle, and my paddock boots are all in need of repair not two months after Matt left. Oh well. I got interim paddock boots, will replace the half chaps  once I finish wearing them into obscurity ,since I think they are so damaged as to be beyond repair, the bridle I just set aside and am using a different one in its place so all is good but the amount of leather repairs suddenly needed was impressive.

 Vanya seems to be doing well and enjoying life for the most part. I still wish I could find someone to show him dressage this summer, but at least he is healthy and sound and seems to be doing well for his age. I won’t complain too much on that.

 Now….to win the lottery and get my own trailer!


On the health front things are improved. I have been off prednisone for a couple weeks (woot!) and have started running again! I am not feeling quite as good as I would like but I am doing well enough to get through without the yucky drug. Of course this is all complicated by the fact that I now have to be very careful about nsaid use since my stomach now has issues from them. I am hoping things keep improving as I continue with infusions of the new drug. Can’t express how happy I am to be running again though…


So…that is the worst of the news. We have another schooling show this weekend so I will try to update with news from that if not sooner. Until next time….RAWR!!!!


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