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Warm Fuzzies

I never, ever thought I would say this. Please….those of you who know me well, don’t pass out.


I really like dressage.

 Ok…I can hear the gasps from here. It is a shocker. I have been confirmed jumper enthusiast pretty much since I knew you could take horses over jumps (my mom probably regretted that day). I have appreciated dressage for quite some time, in that I knew it was important for any horse, and most especially jumpers to have the skills they learn in dressage. As far as riders I could see that dressage riders understand horses and riding and equitation better than most and valued that. But there is far more to it than that.

 I know my body will not stand up to jumping eventually, so I know that dressage is a great way for me to continue to pursue excellence in riding and initially that was why I wanted to learn dressage- call it a backup plan. Some days holding the reins is hard, so I know that one of these days, going over a jump will be out of the question. I’m not there yet though, and I still love jumping. Don’t get me wrong.  But what I have come to love about dressage is that there are so many really amazing, encouraging people. I’m not saying there aren’t encouraging people in other parts of our sport- there are. But in the last week I have seen and read so much that is encouraging from people who ride dressage.

 I see people in dressage who truly inspire me. Not only because they are amazing riders or have beautiful horses, but because it seems as if there relaxed and quiet riding is a reflection of who they have chosen to become. I am not trying to be weird here. I know there are great riders in every aspect of riding, again, not arguing against other disciplines. I just know that lately I have seen so much generosity, courage, grace, wisdom, gentleness, strength, gumption, and kindness from some dressage riders lately, some of whom I barely know at all and some of whom I know very well. It could be I am noticing it more now than I have before but it is nothing short of inspirational; it really does make me wish that I could be like those people. Hopefully, someday, I can be.

 So, today, a warm fuzzy post, I suppose as a thank you to the people who have inspired me of late. I’m glad that I can secretly or not so secretly look to various riders and hope to be like them. And, if you see my trainer, don’t tell her what I said about dressage- she might have a heart attack and that wouldn’t be nice.

 I overdid it a bit at the show yesterday for sure, but it was well worth it! So fun to watch and ride. Strider was amazing, despite seeming a little stiff he really tried very hard and I was really proud of him! Aubrey had her show debut on Mo and it was quite good. I can’t wait to see how they do as Mo gains confidence in new situations. I am not sure when we will show next, but I can hardly wait! Between progress with new meds (and so far tolerating prednisone…keeping my fingers crossed) and progress in my riding I am super excited. Well…that is all for the moment…until next time RAWR!!!



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