I’m Back Again….Again.

I know….I’m a really bad blogger. I have my excuses, but really they can be summed up in three words: Life and Rheumatoid arthritis. Bad excuses I know, but they are real enough to me.

As far as life goes I have just been really busy. I have given up for good on amateur status- it was just too hard to try to maintain- and started teaching riding lessons again.  Just beginners as I know I am not a world-class trainer, and I know some would probably argue I am not even good enough to teach beginners, but, I suggest that the laws of supply and demand will work. If I am an awful teacher and don’t do a good job people will not want to pay me to teach. Right now that is not that case. Therefore I will do it and appreciate that it makes affording my horses easier. I also am riding another person’s horse for her, for a total of four horses to try to keep in shape (yikes!) on top of my forty plus hour office job. I am really wishing the office job had fewer hours for a number of reasons, scheduling being only a small one.

As far as rheumatoid….well…I don’t want to be depressing and am trying to stay positive. Here are the facts. I had to up my methotrexate does, add an anti inflammatory and I’m still struggling. My rheumatologist keeps threatening prednisone again and I dread that. Honestly taking a vicodin at night along with all the other things seems to help a lot but I don’t know if that is advisable long term. We are already playing with fire given that my liver enzymes have not been consistent and we are increasing the methotrexate. I am doing everything to keep every hair I have on my head. I braid it at the barn, carefully detangle and avoid messing with it as much as possible and it still comes out alarmingly quickly. I am taking my folic acid like I should plus a multi vitamin when I remember(my personal favorites are the vita-lea ocean wonders…yummy chewables and I notice that I have a bit more energy when I take them. Placebo effect maybe but I’ll take placebo effect over no effect!). I have really struggled with sleep though. I hardly ever sleep through a whole night and that is getting pretty exhausting. Probably about time I called the rheumatologist but I dread it. I know he can help but I don’t want to hear that my last resort is prednisone. If I hide my head in the dirt the problems will go away right? Ha ha.

On a brighter note, I have resumed the ever so domestic hobby of knitting. I actually finished two projects, a felted coffee mug sleeve and a key hole scarf. I am presently working on a scarf for Matt that will be felted after I finish knitting it, which will take me eons since it needs to be wider and longer than I want the finished product since the felting will shrink it a bit. I am enjoying it though and I am about a third of the way done I think. After that I hope to embark on mittens for the first time. After several years of knitting on and off I have never made mittens and I think it is high time I did! I have discovered I have quite the yarn addiction though. I can’t resist a soft pretty colored yarn! Sometimes it is harder than others to knit because of pain or stiffness in my fingers but if I can force myself to do it I find it can help. It certainly distracts me.

That is all for now. unfortunately I have not been making the time to run. I keep hoping that soon I will get in a settled enough schedule to get back into it but it hasn’t happened yet. Sigh. One of theses days. Until then I ride tons and love my horses and my family! They are awesome! Until next time…RAWR!


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