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I’m Back…

I apologize for not posting, but I hope you will read my excuse.

 First, I had my rheumatologist appointment. That, by itself, is not usually enough to make me disappear for two weeks, but the events of that day were sufficient. Enbrel stopped working. That explains quite a lot. So, my doctor, being the kind soul that he is, had the brilliant idea of changing my medications and giving me a medication to control the pain until the actual drugs started to work. So, I walked out that day with hope and fear. I had hope that the new medication would work and fear that it might not. It never occurred to me to be concerned about the pain medication. More on that later. After the appointment I went to the Colorado Horse Park to groom for my trainer at the Rocky Mountain Dressage Society Championships.

 Needless to say, (though I will say it anyway), it was an incredibly hectic but fun weekend. The horses all did great, and as always I learned very much and really had fun. I also took over 500 pictures. I will post some of them soon. I am really proud of myself for making it through the weekend and not totally collapsing given I was hardly at my best and had plenty of inflammation to keep me company. It was also pretty chilly as we have been having an early winter here in Colorado.

 I returned to work on Monday, sad that it was over, but looking forward to improvements in my riding and in my health. However, side effects knocked me out. The rest of that week I spent going back and forth from feeling pretty good to feeling like I had the flu thanks to the pain medication. I did get my first dose of Humira though and so far have had no adverse reactions. In fact, I didn’t even get the bee sting like reaction like I did from the Enbrel. The actual injection hurt a bit more, but I only do it every two weeks, so I am not complaining.

 While all this was going on my husband joined the Air Force Reserves. This has been in the works for quite some time, but he was finally sworn in. That means we are putting our house on the market so we can move someplace cheaper (hopefully) and will be looking to trade in the jeep for a truck. So we have been quite busy.

We also had a strangles outbreak at my barn so I couldn’t take my horse anywhere. I am hoping to get out to my first hunter jumper show in ages this weekend.

 Speaking of things I haven’t done in ages, I was able to start running again. My rheumatologist really wanted me to, and I have to say it feels fantastic in a painful sort of way. I have definitely lost some ground, but I am aiming for my next 5k to be on the 31st….spooky! I am super glad to be back running but it means I am insanely busy between that and the barn. Crazy times. It means I am definitely working my way back to beast status though and I am happy to be doing so.

 Well, that is the news for the moment. I’ll try to keep things updated now. Until next time, RAWR!!


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