I apologize for the lack of posts this week. Among work, barn drama, getting ready for the show, helping Jennifer, trying to make sure Matt keeps up with school even when his English teacher deviates drastically from the syllabus, and fighting off being sick I haven’t really been doing very well at thinking coherently.

 Suffice it to say that my ride on Wednesday was really frustrating but my ride last night was amazing. However, I am trying not to be extremely disappointed right now as no horses in our barn can go anywhere for at least two weeks due to a case of Strangles. That also means the show this weekend will just be people from our barn. At least they are still doing it for us, but it is a bummer.

 My RA has been rearing its ugly little head again this week in the form of my complete lack of immunity to everything. I had a skin reaction to a change in the formulation of my face soap. This caused me to break out, which got infected, which then have put me in the position of fighting off being sick. And not fighting it off very well. I worked through it as best I could and so far have done pretty well; I managed to ride every day so far and still help out Jennifer and some other kids as well as helping out around the barn a little. I am doing my best at living up to what I like to say to Aubrey- RAWR!!! I’m a beast!! Now, if only I could get myself back running again I would feel really accomplished. Well, I am off to the barn to get ready for tomorrow and to help Tom and Jennifer get ready. So, until next time, RAWR!


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